• Freshly Squeezed

Mock up photos with unfinished product to demonstrate how the bicilavadora would potentially be used.

Unfinished product in "transport mode," as it might be used in the field.

Team mates Maysun and Connie with the sketch model before construction begins.

Dirty shirt #2 to be washed in the first iteration bicilavadora.

A failed first attempt at washing clothes using a screen/wood inner barrel.

Making adjustments to reduce leakage.

Resulting "clean" shirt #2 after a spin in the first iteration bicilavadora.

Cutting pieces of the dolly off in order to accommodate the drum.

Underneath the machine, Benji inspects a leak.

Teammate Connie Lu piecing together the final parts of the machine.

Having fun in the sun.

Team Photo! From left to right: Benji, myself, Connie, and Maysun.