• Freshly Squeezed

Initial concept sketch of interlocking magnet casings alternating north/south as the pass by coils.

After CAD'ing the spoke pattern, we created a wood positive for the mold-making process to create plastic casings.

Mold-making kit that we used.

Creating the mold.

Finished mold.

Plastic casing in place on the back tire of the bike.

We used aluminum screws to prevent interference with the magnets.

Placing the magnets in an alternating pattern into the casings.

Installing the casings.

Concept sketch of yokes to hold coils in place to power the cell phone via electromagnetic induction.

I worked with a blacksmith to create these yokes by bending the metal and then welding on spokes. We used a lathe to spin the coils.

Installing yokes.

Testing to see if there is a current produced using a multimeter (there's not)!

Then we added the circuit for powering the cell phone, which involved some capacitors and a heat sink.

And then we used it on the open road! Worked like a charm.