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Diagram indicates framework and hypothesis. Next, scope is defined.

           Dotted red line indicates the scope of the analysis, i.e. what the chocolate bar manufacturer has the most immediate control over.

We estimate the embodied GHG emissions from traveling for each material. (N.B. This is a sample map and does not represent the actual suppliers for Lindt).

                                     After eating all the chocolate and carefully making piles of each of the materials (plastic, paper, etc.), we weighed all the packaging from each product.

Each material and its weight is entered into SimaPro. This is a simulated screenshot taken from MiSA.

Final results confirm hypotheses that the lindt truffle bag has the highest emissions of GHG per ounce of chocolate. Interestingly,
the aluminum emits more GHG than plastic (not shown).

Top: We compared PET to the paper to see which scores higher (wins) each category

Bottom: A comparison of the environmental impact of the paper and PET materials.
Ecological footprint is measured in square meter per annum.