• Freshly Squeezed

The CAVS Giant Art Party featured a Marcel DuChamp Beverage Fountain that made a splash!

Read more about the 2008 Giant Art Party in the

People milling beneath golden paint brushes at the CAVS Giant Art Party.

At one of Cracked's MAKE meetings, Susannah crafted this blue jay emerged from paper.

Cracked member Sam Kronick looks at work from the Arts Scholars exhibit

Cracked member Usman Akeju works steadily on engineering a wheel for Cracked's float in the the Honk! Parade 2009 exhibit

Cracked welcomed visiting artist Jenny Romaine with a zombie fitness tour.

Jenny Romaine's tour ends in a Zombie Walk of Shame down the Infinite Corridor.

Jenny Romaine and myself covered in pie. She demands my shirt | Photo by CAVS staff

One more birdhouse contributed to the animal estates collection

Cracked attends a workshop hosted by visiting artist Fritz Haeg, who shows us how to make bird houses as part of his animal estates series

Left to right: myself, Joe Zane, Fritz Haeg, and Sam Kronick.

Placing a bird house in a tree nearby the Stata Center with Sam Kronick | Photo by Joe Zane