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The scenery of the altiplano as we drive towards the Volcano Tacora

A graduate student from La Católica makes his way across the confluence of two rivers | Photo by Prof. Pizarro

Two clear rivers (the Azufre and the Caracarani) combine and result in flocs. In the background, the Volcano Tacora looms | Photo by Prof. Pizarro

Water found nearby the Tacora Volcano, where sulfur mines once abounded | Photo by Prof. Pizarro

By teaming up with Chicago-based inventor Daniel Simon, Team Thirst chooses this patent-pending solar distiller design to test onsite in the summer of 2012.

From left to right: Prof. Pablo Pastén, Prof. Gonzalo Pizarro, Prof. Cristian Escauriaza, myself, Kimberly Huynh, and a graduate student from La Católica.